Kiki Falconer

my story.

my career in design has spanned many years,  cities and states of mind; what began in commercial television has evolved with me. now i work to elevate consciousness & inspire joy. 




work history

I have worked professionally as an art director, senior creative, and creative director.

After graduation, I created the on-air design of Vancouver Canada’s CityTV,  whose success launched a career in television. In 8 years working in Australian television, I created brands, sets, and award-winning ads for clients such as: National Geographic Channel, BacardiChannel V, and the Disney Channel.

Realizing the power of visual storytelling to shift culture, I asked: can media elevate consciousness?

To answer this question, I left the television industry and returned to school to study emergent technologies (Associates' degree in interactive media from Pratt Institute) and storytelling (creative writing at The New School). I remained in North America to use my experience and skills to serve the earth, working with regenerative NGOs and sustainable brands, including Kiss the GroundOrganic India, and His Holiness the Dalai Lama (Harmonica PR).




why i do what i do

I work to bring more beauty into the world and to inspire others to live in harmony with the earth and one another. 

Nature, art, and festivals inspire my work. Meditation and dance facilitate it.